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Last name
: Tradescantia
Family : Commelinaceae
Type : Perennial

: 20 to 50 cm
Exposure : Sunny or partial shade
Ground : Ordinary, rather cool

: Persistent
Flowering : May to September

Plantation of misery

Either way, fall or spring.
Choose a place that is not too hot.

Multiplication by division of the tuft or sowing in place in spring.

Size of misery

Remove wilted flowers as you go.

To know about misery

Misery, although in a bleak name, offers a pretty summer bloom.
Its azure blue, pink, white or purple petals, depending on the variety, blend in perfectly with the persistent green of its foliage.

This plant is waterlogged, making it one of the most drought-tolerant plants, and it is believed that this is where it got its name.

Very easy to maintain, you will install it in suspension but also in a massive or along a support to make it climb.

Smart tip about misery

In order to keep some soil moisture, think about mulch the foot of the tree in summer.

Video: Misery,The Moffatts (July 2022).


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