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Divide your perennials!

Divide your perennials!

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After your perennials have bloomed, cut back the yellow leaves and divide the clumps to multiply your plants or offer them.

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Create your dahlias

To prolong the flowering of your dahlias until fall, remove the flowers as they wither. However, you can leave a few buds to ripen to collect seeds for sowing the following spring.

  • You will then discover a new variety with simple flowers that you can baptize with your first name!

Fold them down hearts of mary at the beginning of August to promote a significant upturn in late summer flowering.

  • Cut all the stems with the hedge shears, 10 cm from the ground and keep the soil cool if the plant is exposed to the sun.

Divide your irises and peonies

After four years of planting, the clumps of your iris have grown, it's time to divide them!

  • Dig up the rhizomes and select the strongest by pruning them with a knife.
  • After weeding and loosening the ground, plant them in a circle, spacing them 30 to 40 cm apart.
  • Water to compact the soil.
  • The rooting will take place before winter.

The peonies are more difficult to dig up. Remember to water abundantly the day before if the soil is too dry.

  • Use the fork-spade to lift the plants.
  • With a sharp blade, cut the stumps so that each section leaves four or five beautiful roots and three or four buds.
  • Turn over a soil drained and lightened with sand then fertilized with organic fertilizer (dried blood or well-decomposed manure) to a depth of 40 cm.
  • Install your peonies in an open and sunny space, they do not tolerate competition from other perennials and even less from shrubs.
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Rejuvenate your carnations

In general, carnations perennials degenerate quite quickly and flower less abundantly from the third year of planting.

The dwarf carnations are at divide at the end of their flowering which runs from May to July.

  • Bring out the clumps of soil by passing the tines of a small fork under the roots.
  • Grasp them firmly with both hands to separate them into several pieces with leaves and roots.
  • Replant every 25 cm.

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