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Amazing tree peony

Amazing tree peony

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Less common than the herbaceous peony, the tree peony can reach two meters in height.

Some hybrids give huge flowers, over 8 inches in diameter!

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Tree peony, a wonder

The flower of the tree peony is one of nature's wonders. Its delicate colors, its perfectly shaped blooming corolla, its elegant foliage make it worthy of special treatment in your garden.

Its longevity, its excellent resistance to extreme climates are real assets. Tree peonies are best grown in a place sheltered from direct sunlight and severe frost.

Their longevity is amazing, often exceeding 50 years. The grafting point of tree peonies must be 10 cm below the surface of the soil in order to induce emancipation (rooting of the rootstock) which will generate more vigorous growth.

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Planting tree peony

Plant in cool, well-drained soil. The presence of limestone is accepted, on the other hand, excessively humid lands are not recommended. Choose a sunny position, but without excessive heat. A contribution of composted manure or an organic fertilizer based on manure and algae, at the time of planting, is highly appreciated.

Slowly growing, the tree peony can reach two meters in height, one foot giving its best from 7 to 8 years old. Pruning is unnecessary if the plant branches naturally as it usually does. Maintenance pruning is simply a matter of balancing the branches, removing dead parts and removing withered flowers.

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Tips about tree peony

Maintain a permanent mulch of decomposed manure or compost at the base of the peonies. The peony hates being transplanted. If you have a beautiful bunch of peony that blooms generously, leave it there, otherwise it may sulk you for years!

  • Gardening: how to grow peony well
  • Health: benefits and virtues of peony

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