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Umbilical hernia of the newborn: care by plants

Umbilical hernia of the newborn: care by plants

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Classic affection and often Without gravity, a umbilical hernia of the newborn is a "small ball" that appears at the level of the belly button some time after his birth.

Usually, during the first eighteen months of an infant's life, this relatively large protuberance tends to disappear.

Usually, an umbilical hernia appears in boys, children with dark skin, newborns, and especially those born preterm.

Newborn umbilical hernia: here's what you need to know ...

Definition of umbilical hernia:

A hernia is defined as, "the exit of an organ or part of an organ, out of its cavity, through a natural orifice".

As for a umbilical hernia, is often represented by a small pocket more or less voluminous due to the passage of the peritoneum, portions of the intestines or fat clusters through the belly button. These elements are usually contained in the abdomen.

The navel itself is the scar left by the insertion of the umbilical cord.

Symptoms of umbilical hernia

Visible to the naked eye, an umbilical hernia presents in the form of a "small ball" which appears at the level of the belly button, whose cut increases after exertion or when the child cries.

During a routine check-up, your doctor will be sure to notice it.

Origins and causes of umbilical hernia

A lump appearing in the navel, a umbilical hernia is often caused by one congenital weakness of the white line on that part of the body.
Painless, an umbilical hernia can reach several centimeters and subsides generally between 18 and 36 months of the child's life since at that age his abdominal muscles are getting stronger thanks to his motor development.

An umbilical hernia can appear and worsen with respiratory failure or cirrhosis, especially in patients with adult patients, suffering from cancer or heart failure.

Also in adults, an umbilical hernia can appear following pregnancy, obesity, chronic coughs or even the fact of regularly carrying heavy loads.
These factors increase the pressure inside the abdomen and causally cause tissue weakness.

  • Are there any risks of complications?

Complications have very rarely been observed in children following an umbilical hernia.

When they do occur, it may be a malformation or a anomaly at the level of metabolism.

However, there has already been a "constriction" of the vessels and tissues at the orifice.
What can be at the origin of a bowel obstruction.
This type of trauma is caused as symptoms, a bloat and vomiting.

However, if after the first 3 years of her life this umbilical hernia has not resolved, then doctors recommend surgical intervention for aesthetic reasons, but also, becauseadulthood, this can cause complications (constipation, nausea, severe pain, vomiting…).

Natural treatment of umbilical hernia

Very often, only the use of surgery is recommended to end with umbilical hernia.

However, there are plants whose virtues and benefits would allow relieve oneself naturally. What are they ? How to take? What is the dosage to follow?

Often we recommend:

Hawthornia. It is, in fact, a mixture of citrus seeds,hawthorn, of theitchi and of fennel.
Widely used and appreciated in China, this mixture has the virtue of to fix and to reinforce the wall weakened from the abdomen.

Hawthornia, used at the very first visible symptoms, limits the growth of an umbilical hernia.

- The Shepherd is an herb whose medicinal virtues are known to reduce inflammation and relieve the pain. In the form of a paste, it is indicated to be used externally (on a hernia) to relieve symptoms. This medicinal herb can also be taken internally for to strengthen the abdominal wall.

- the chamomile (in the form of herbal tea): it is a grass whose virtues soothe the lining of the digestive tract, thereby inhibiting the production of stomach acid.

Indeed, an umbilical hernia occurs exactly at this place, thus triggering a gastric reflux. Which may be uncomfortable for the subject.

Also recommended (in case of pain):

- a decoction of knotweed,lady's mantle and drown for pain relief. By applying it to the painful area, later covered with a bandage, the patient is relieved.

  • Discover the benefits and virtues of lady's mantle for health

Internally, we also recommend 1 liter of infusion based on 30 grams of oak, yarrow, cypress, lady's mantle and walnut.

As a dosage, drinking 1 cup three times a day would be sufficient for an unparalleled result.

Good to know about umbilical hernia

There exists a "grandma's recipe "Called restraint techniques who, through bandages or thanks to a piece of money, you can reduce the size of an umbilical hernia (but not make it go away).
While this practice is often offered in children, it has no effect, and therefore of no benefit in adults.

However, in case of doubt, it is always recommended to have a medical advice on this subject.

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